Windows 8: The Boldest, Biggest Redesign In Microsoft’s History

Fast company with a mostly positive article on Windows 8. Refreshing.

The iPhone 5 Is Completely Amazing and Utterly Boring

I could not agree more. As Louis CK would say – Everything is amazing and nobody is happy.

The power of ignoring mainstream news

When I first started ignoring news, I felt that I was simply making an excuse, that if I had more time I should read the news. Today, however, it is a very deliberate choice and I feel consistently happier every single day due to ignoring the mainstream news. It just so happens that the last 2 years have also been the most enjoyable and productive of my entire life, and have contained some of my greatest achievements. Here are a few reasons I think we should stop consuming mainstream news:

Interesting article, I wish I could say that I follow this advice. I think it’s important to know the details that matter most in your life and filter out the noise. Most of the news is noise. I can’t stand 24-hour news channels.

Is it true that “not everyone can be a programmer”?

Interesting that this is debatable. In this day and age, we have high level languages that are not only approachable but down right easy. Anyone can learn to be a programmer but only a small percentage can be passionate enough about it to carve out a career. The single biggest factor is how bad you want it.

What’s Microsoft’s father of C#’s next trick?

I say Anders is bringing Linq to javascript.